Monday, August 4, 2008

We made it to the Zoo!

After seeing how much fun all of our friends had who went to the Zoo, we decided that we really needed to go too. Have you ever seen a white alligator?

I am so glad I have two boys!

Clint is almost the same size as a great ape!

Derek, not quite so much.

The Hogel Zoo has made a lot of improvements over the past years. It is actually a very nice place now for most of the animals. I used to really hate to go there because all of the animals seemed so sad. Now it is beautiful, and they even have some kind of national certification. It was almost like being at the San Diego Zoo!

Clint and Derek were dying to go on the new carousel.

The Giraffes seemed happy enough.

They have a new Asian Highlands exhibit, and all of the big cats were amazing. The Tiger was my favorite. He was swimming, and then he was really ticked off about something. But he was absolutely beautiful. I think I really like Tigers now.

We saw the Bird Show. Very Cool!

And, of course, the Zoo Train!

Then we hung out in the Children's Discovery Zone. But it was pretty hot by then, and we were all getting tired.

Clint and Derek each chose a Zoo hat. Don't they look cute! As always!

Thanks to the Wintercorns, and the Hopkins for promoting the zoo this year. You should get some kind of advertising commission! We had a blast!

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