Saturday, December 27, 2008


One of the best things about Christmas is waking up and seeing a lot of presents under the tree first thing in the morning. Santa knows how important this is. The effect of waking up and seeing big boxes with bows. It doesnt really matter what is in them. It is just that first moment that you know Santa thought you were good enough all year to bring you presents! Santa uses big boxes for new t-shirts and socks, he wraps up favortie cereal boxes, and even hot wheel cars come in the big boxes, wrapped in tissue paper inside so it is almost like opening 2 presents in one. And you can usually count on Santa to bring you at least one thing that you are absolutly dying to have. Especially if your list is as long as Clint's. And your mom tells you that you have to narrow the 3 pages down to a top 10 list. And Santa usually can bring you 2 or 3 of those things on your list. Like the new Lego Agents line of Legos, and a new Nintendo DS Game.
Derek was very happy to get some of the things he really wanted. He was dying to get the Bat Cave, and some Ben 10 Aliens. And he was in Heaven...for the first 36 hours. Playing with all of his new and wonderful toys. And then it hit him today...Santa didn't bring him a new Transformer? What -is -up -with -that?!!! "Where is my Transformer??? Santa Clause didn't bring me my Transformer!!!!"---Picture the tears coming, followed by the thrashing and weeping and wailing on the floor---and then the"I Hate Christmas....I Hate Christmas..."Mingled with sobs. Heartbreaking...yeah right. I usually let the Tantrums, that have made a recent re-appearance, just work themselves out. Is this one any diffrent? I admit that he is exhausted...Kids don't sleep much during Christmas vacation, right? Kids and Christmas. The best memories of the whole year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Forever-lasting Snowman

Derek and Clint have been very unsatisfied with the snow that we have received so far this year. It has been okay for snowballs, and sledding, but has been the worst snow for building snow people, and forts.

So we had to take matters into our own hands, and make some indoor snowmen. Derek and his best friend Kooy got right to work making the best snow men in the world...the kind that will not melt in the sun...the kind that last forever...and they are not even cold!
I found another use for my Borax!

The compound can only be made with Ivory Soap...I tried it with doesn't work.

And dont use a real carrot for the shriveled up and fell off...I recommend an orange pipe cleaner instead.
The compound is a little hard on your hands...especially when mixing it up...but it dries really nicely, and really looks just like snow!

Click here for Instructions

Friday, December 12, 2008

"Mean Mommy"

My little Derek really is my little sweetie. I am so thankful to have him in our family. He usually is the one always making us laugh. He really is very sweet and fun to have around...and I usually don't have to try too hard to be patient with him. He is so fun and I love being his mom...most of the time. Yesterday, however, he was being a real turkey. We have had a busy schedule the last couple of weeks, and he has been getting to bed late, and he never takes naps anymore. He was pretty tired. So he threw a fit when we got to the gym. A full blown temper-tantrum that I have not seen since he was 2. As he lay face down screaming in the parking lot, I told him he could go to the nursery, or we could go home and go for a walk in the stroller. He agreed to go in the stroller at home, until we got home. As I was searching the house for gloves, hats and mittens, he proceeded to throw a second tantrum...which I was not too surprised by, because he hates the stroller, and never wants to go.

By this time, I was getting really irritated, realizing that I most likely was not going to be able to get a work out in once again. So, I lost it...which I hardley ever do with him. (It is usually Jeff and Clint who are the recipients of my frustrations.) I ripped off his shoes, picked him up and dropped him into his bed. I said in a very loud voice..."You are going to stay in your bed until I tell you to get out!!!!!" He was a little shocked, and surprised...and through his tears as I left the room he said over and over agian "your a mean mommy...your a mean mommy". I think my response was something like, "yeah, thats right". I went to my room fuming. Trying to decide if I should drag my hand weights out, or just do a couple of rounds of DDR, when I hear, through his sobs, "I'm a 'Dood' Boy, I'm a 'Dood' Boy. I wove you mommy. I wove you mommy....i'm a 'Dood' Boy."

Well, what was I suppose to do? I went into his room of course. He was sitting up in bed, and said again, through sobs "I wa wa woove ooo mom mieeee". I hugged him and said he was a very good boy, and I loved him too more than anything. But he was tired and needed a rest. He agreed. And layed back down. I patted his back for a few miniutes until he was asleep. And I did get in 1 whole hour of DDR. He woke up after 2 hours, much happier. I really need to try harder to get him to bed on time. Because he really is a very Good Boy.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Joy to Everyone for video in HD (LDS church's Christmas Video)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


At our house when I was a little girl, we never had stockings. It was Jeff who started that tradition at our house. But I remember Christmas being my very favorite time of year. And those Christmases at our house helped to shape the person that I am today. My Dad has an amazing voice, and it seemed like we kicked off the Christmas Season every year by going to my Dad's Christmas concert, and listening to the Messiah, and other Christmas Choral arrangements. I hated it when I was little, and usually ended up crawling under the bench and going to sleep. As I got older, I learned to appreciate and love those classical songs, and began to understand how music transcends words and thoughts. Handel tapped into the real power and glory of God with the Messiah. And to this day, it means so much to me. And I have begun to share my love of this type of music with my children. They will love Handel as much as I do.
I also remember, that no matter how bad the year was financially for my parents, and there were some pretty tough years, Christmas was always magical. Santa always found our house, whether there was snow, or not. There was not a single year where I was dissappointed. And we often got letters from Santa, in Santa's own handwriting, letting us know to what lengths he had to go to for some of our gifts, and letting us know how much he loved us.
I know that because of my experiences with Christmas as a child, I have wanted to try to become a much more compassionate and giving person. My parents have always been such amazing examples of self-sacrifice, and love. All of their children, my brother, and sisters, are the same way. They taught us to be giving and kind, and to help others, not be being harsh, or trying to teach us tough lessons, but by going without themselves. By giving all they had to their kids. And it has, more than anything else, made us want to try to be the same way. Giving in secret, helping whenever we can, having unshakeable testimonies, looking for chances to serve, hoping for the best, and enduring to the end. Over the last few years, my Mom has struggled at times with depression and injury. We are not as close as we used to be. But today cannot change the feelings of gratitude and love for the many many years that she was always there for me, always knowing what to say and do to help me get through some of the hardest times of my life. My Dad remains the hardworking, loving, kind, talented, spiritual giant he always has been. I Love my parents so much. And I hope I can represent their years of service and love, and carry the torch from here.

As a child too, we had a house full of books. There were stacks of books everywhere. Encyclopedia Collections, Animal Science books, Fairy Tales, Scriptures...My Parents loved Books. That is another thing that I have brought with me from my childhood. My own little family has our own tradition of wrapping up 25 Christmas books, (the same books every year)and opening one each night before Christmas. It seems like I am always scrambling at the last minuet to get them wrapped...and I almost always just think "oh, forget it...there just isn't time"...usually Clint, and now Derek remind me enough times for me to get it done. I am always glad that I follow through. I love Christmas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

PTA Headquarters

I love my house. I really do. For the past 9 years, Jeff and I have poured our hearts, souls, and hard cold cash into making this house liveable. It is finially to the point where I am not embarrassed to have people come over. Jeff has made it beautiful in many ways. One of the only things I dont like about it, is that it is small. It is fine for the 4 of us (5, if you count Rex). But there is not a lot of extra space. So, my kitchen table has looked like this since late August. With Christmas coming, and Christmas Eve at our house, it is time to temporarily remove my office. We have been eating at the kitchen counter for 4 months. Maybe tonight I will surprise everyone and actually set the table...oh, wait...I have PTA skate night tonight...maybe tomorrow...Oh, wait, I have Pack Planning Meeting...maybe Thursday....