Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's ON!!!

Taking cupcake pops to a whole new level...Jacquie and Hannah, my sweet BYU nieces came over to make cupcake pops And being the creative geniuses that they are, they took cupcake pops to a whole new level. Even Bakerella herself would be proud. In fact I am going to have to send her a few photos of these. It started with Mario Mushrooms, and then each cupcake pop became more creative and elaborate than the last. Jacquie's pot of gold... The owl and the penguin... But I have to say...the winner of the night, was....HANNAH'S EVA!!!!!
But Jacquie, I love all of yours too!

Window Painting St. Patricks Day

For window paint that you can scrape right off and vacuum up just use 1 part cornstarch, 1 part tempera paint and 1 part water. All parts equal. It scrapes off nicely with a credit card or a spatula and vacuums right up!
Eva, Kooy and Nathan are ready to start
But Eva was a little stressed about the whole mess..."I don't think we should be doing this..."
Derek and Kooy discussing the scheme of the window and what they want to create...
Nathan dove right in and loved making a mess
Derek's "vortex"
Little Ry Ry is soooooooo cute!!!! Derek reaches high to get the top of the window

This is what they looked like when I sent them home. Boys are definitely better window painters than the girls!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

God loves Dogs

I came home from church today and found this giant bag of dog food on the front porch. There was a note written on the bag "We love you guys and your dog". It had kind of been at the back of my mind since this whole ordeal with Jeff's employment situation that Rex would possibly one of the next things to go. But I guess we are keeping him. Another sweet miracle for my kids, and that dog. I know for certain...God loves dogs. Especially Rex!

Friday, March 18, 2011

"They Will Hold"

"They will hold." What Aragon said when Gandolf told him he would find reinforcements on the 5th day. The people of Rohan were going to the fortress of Helms Deep to flee from the army of Saurumon. "The defenses will HAVE to hold."
"They will hold."
There was no doubt or question in his answer. "They will hold."

I have watched the 3 Lord of the Rings movies a lot the past few weeks. I know many people would not understand. But there are those who understand perfectly. That these movies, and the truths that are evidence in them are a source of strength. An analogy of all that is hopeful. Enduring to the end, never losing faith, and that THE SUN WILL RISE. If we can just hold on, as best we can, even though the enemy is beating down the gates, and the walls are caving in. Even if our courage hangs by a thread. If we can believe in eachother, and stand together, even though we think the night cannot possibly get blacker, and then it starts to rain. If we can gather our resources of strength about us and fall back when we have to, but still never surrender...the reinforcements will arrive.

I am waiting for the reinforcements. Struggling against everything that I feel is stacked against me. Being so depressed about the circumstances that I am currently in. Pretending to be happy and optimistic, when in reality I feel hopeless and scared about getting through the next couple of months. I try to live my life like nothing has changed. Trying to stay happy and make life fun for my kids, and myself. I try to find things to look forward to, but my schedule is starting to catch up with me. Between working extra hours whenever I can and taking classes to re-certify, I am getting pretty used up. Physically and emotionally. It's hard. And I have days when I am mad about the whole situation and start to place blame...on Jeff. Even though he is wonderful and I know he is trying, it's hard. But then I watch the Two Towers again, and I remember: My defenses will have to hold. I don't know how long this is going to take. The night is dark. The Orcs are pounding and chanting at the gates, and it is just about to rain. But I know if I can get through the night...if I can just continue to be in survival mode...if I can keep fulfilling my callings and keep my faith even when things are hard, the sun will rise.

I just hope it's soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tornados, Volcanos and Rainbows

Oh the things you can do with a few empty bottles...
And some angularly cut hard plastic that rays of the sun shine through.

And a volcano made of salt dough along with a few various baking items.

Life is good.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Life is hard. There is no way around it. It just is. Which is why I need to remember to look for the little reasons to celebrate. And Dr. Seuss's birthday is just as good a reason as any. Not Green Eggs and Ham again. Maybe a stack of Pancakes like the mountian in Horton Hears a Who...
With homemade pink and purple syrup, and sprinkles that we can pretend are rocks...
After all...
What's NOT to celebrate???
(I got this idea from Cheeky Kitchen's Babble link)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Jeff is good at making things in the snow. Before blogging, I made scrapbook pages of all of the forts and snowcreatures he and Clint used to make.He was even in the paper when he was in High School for making a huge Dragon out of snow with his friends. I need to do a blog post about all of those other things.
He made an igloo for the boys yesterday.
The snow was wet and the day was warm...I don't think the igloo will last for long.
But remembering will.
My memories are really getting me through right now. I am a little worried about providing good memories for my boys this year. The summer may be a little rough. It may be a whole lot rough.
I am not sure what is in store for us, but we will always have eachother...

And memories that will keep us safe, and together.