Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today Clint has his prelimary interview and check in for the district science fair. He did his project on using metal in microwaves. There are not many physical science projects that went on to district so he is in a good category to hopefully go on to state...and he is very articulate and the interview is 80% of the score. It has been really fun to see him excel in something. Sports are not his thing. But he LOVES music (like his Grampa Glen) and science. He is excited. His project really is unique and pretty amazing. He is a smart kid!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I would love to see everyones list of things they love, or things that just make them happy. We should all take a some time each day enjoying something that makes us really happy...regardless of how materialistic or unimportant it may seem. I would have never spent the money myself for an ipod...but when Jeff gave it to me for our 13th anniversary...It became one of my favortie possessions. I love it and I listen to it almost every day.
I also love my camera because it has brought my memories and people I love close for so many years.
I love to get lost in the aisles of Barnes and Nobel and I honestly believe that just being in the store makes your IQ go up a few points.
As for Cafe Rio and See's's obvious!
Disneyland reminds me of my hopes and Dreams when I was a little girl...and helps me to look at things as they could be...
American History is amazing. So many heroic people in our countries past.
I love that I can watch my favorite movies whenever I want thanks to the DVD player. Sometimes you just need to get lost in the sights and sounds of a good story.
It's American Idol season again. I really do love Simon. He makes the show.
And of course my sweet family means the world to me.
So...If you would like to share a few lists of your own...I would love to read them and maybe remember some other things that I haven't already thought of that make us happy to be alive.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Valentines Day and school is delayed because we got about a foot or more of snow last night. This winter is never going to end.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It seems like overnight Derek has gone from my cute little guy to a big boy. He no longer loves Thomas the Tank Engine, or Blues Clues, or any of those other sweet little things. It seems like the moment he turned three, he has wanted to play with nothing else but Power Rangers and Transformers. He is getting down some of the Power Ranger moves, and he can already put a Bionicle together. It seemed like Clint was at least 4 when he discovered Power Rangers. Of course Derek's youngest best friend is Braxton, who is 7! He thinks all of Clint's friends are his friends. I am happy that he is growing into a good boy...but I find myself in mourning over the loss of interest in Curious George and Tigger and Pooh. At least he still loves Toy Story and Woody and least for now.
This Video is all Jeff!!!

Meet The Robinsons
My new favorite movie..I can see Clint in there...and it makes me have a lot of hope for the future. The soundtrack is awesome too. I love The Future Has Arrived...sung by the All American Rejects...The world is moving along the way it should...