Tuesday, August 5, 2008


When we got home from swimming today, we found a little jar outside our door. It contained part of a wasps nest. I knew immediately who it was from. Our neighbors across the street are Grandparents. They have also adopted my children as grandchildren of their own. With my parents, and Jeff's parents so far away, we feel so lucky to have such close friends that we absolutely love and adore. They have shown my children so much kindness and patience. All of the sweet little things that they do for us. All the kids in the neighborhood usually end up in their front yard at least once during the day, to sit and swing on their hammock, or play with Theo, the dog. I thanked Carol for the nest when I saw her drive by later that day. She said Jim took down the wasps nest from the back yard, and they knew that Derek would love it. (He is going through a little bug stage right now.)
I really hope that I can be more observant and thoughtful, like Jim and Carol! Thanks You Two! We Love You!


Chelsea Stebar said...

D'aw, how cute. I love getting to see all these pictures of little Clint and Derek. And that whole Spiderman thing from your last post was awesome.

Miranda said...

How sweet is that! I'm glad they are such great neighbors. Landen loves to play over there too!