Sunday, August 17, 2008

See you next week!

We will be in the Pacific Northwest all next week for Jeff's family reunion... Then we get home the day before the start of the school year :(. See you then!

(This is us last year, before I discovered the blogging world. That water was freezing...much diffrent than California!)
See you soon!


Greg & Andrea said...

I hope you have a great trip!

Laura said...

Have a blast! And happy b-day to Clint yesterday!

Keli said...

Oh, have so much fun! I love it up there. Happy B day to the kid, and happy first day of school. Partake in the back to school table dance. See my blog for details, so that doesn't sound so creepy. It really is a nice treat. The dance, I mean, not my blog.

I'll stop talking now.

Dave said...

Hope you all have great weather and enjoy your trip. I've never been to the Northwest but I bet it is beautiful out there. Have fun!

By the way, how's Rex doing?