Friday, August 15, 2008


Amber and Andi...Little
My favorite people to hang out with when I was in High School were my nieces! I love those girls! Check out the amazing hair! That is one thing all the girls in my family all have in common. We all have a ton of hair! I especially love the way Andi's flips around in her little Egyptian/Cleopatra costume in the video below. And Amber is the one in charge, wearing one of my 80's homecoming dresses. And Michelle was really ticked off about something...I don't remember what. Also in the movie are my other sweet nieces that I have lost touch with, Heather, Nicole and Shannon, and Briar. I need to find those girls. Jacquie and Chelsea were not around this time, and Hannah and Ali were not even born yet! We have a high percentage of girls in our family. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. 13 nieces, and 5 nephews. And all but 1 of the boys belong to my brother. Then of course there are my 2 to the inability of Jeff's family to be able to have girls!

(Sorry about the quality of the movie...I just had it on a VHS, so I just filmed it with my digital
camera right off the TV.)

When Amber was at BYU, whenever she would bring over 1 of the new guys she was dating, I would make him watch this video...She was embarrassed, but it was always good for a laugh! She is a good sport.

(Wow, after watching that, I am sorry to say that the playback quality is absolutly horrible! I will have to try it on a high-def TV and see if that works better. Otherwise I will just have to invest and get it done professionally, or by one of those transfer machines...I wonder how much they cost. All of Clint's baby videos are on VHS. I need to transfer those over too...not to mention my wedding videos, etc.)


Shelli said...

How funny, Nicole cracks me up with that torch, is she the statue of liberty? And your right Michelle is "ticked" about something. Thanks for the laugh!!

Greg & Andrea said...

I can't believe you put that on your blog! But it was pretty funny. I
laughed so hard. And I remember what Michelle was mad about. She wanted to keep dancing and was mad that you made her stop. I have to say for a 4 or 5 year old she did the running man pretty good. We had the best time doing all those dances. You are such a good Aunt.

Michelle said...

I was mad that I had to stop dancing but I remember later that I you let me dance a little longer so I was happy! When I saw that it made me laugh so hard too! We did have so much fun with you. Now you need to find the Newsies skit we did at christmas time. I think everyone is in that one.

Amber said...

Considering I've been tortured through seeing that video a few more times than I wanted laughs, but it did make me smile.:) We did have so much fun with you. I'm glad we're still close now. Have fun on vaca!