Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trip to Washington in 6 Parts--Part 1--Happy Birthday to Clint!!!

We arrived at Jeff's parents house in Washington the night before Clint's 11 birthday. I think he had a pretty good present. Spending the week at his Grandparent's beautiful home in the forest. The first time we came to visit them last year, Derek kept insisting that it was a "Rain Forest". After some research, we determined that it was classified as a "Temperate Rain forest". You can learn a lot from 3 year olds. Last year, we saw this in the morning from the front porch....Now, Dave, don't pack your bags yet...
The deer don't come around anymore, because they eat the garden. Grampa has rigged the yard with sprinklers that can be tripped if anything comes to close to the garden. Jeff found out about them the hard way. So now the deer are scared and don't come around anymore.
But Grampa has a BEAUTIFUL garden!
I love the hyacinths
This is the back yard... and more of the back yard....
and more of the backyard...It's paradise...especially on those rare sunny days.

We had a little surprise Mexican Fiesta for Clint's birthday. We had Chicken Quesadillas, and Aunt Kimm made him a delicious chocolate cake completely from scratch. It was soooo yummy! And we had ice cream, of course! Clint got a wii game, and some legos, and some other great things...and he also got quite a bit of cash! (Thanks everybody! It was a party he will never forget!) I, unfortunately video taped the entire party and lost the tape. I hope it turns up soon. It makes me sick to think that I lost it. Sorry Clint.

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Greg & Andrea said...

Beautiful, beautiful house and yard. I would love to live there! It's like the kind of place where you sit out on chairs and just talk with family and take in the amazing view and wild life. It seems very relaxing. And tell Clint Happy Birthday!