Monday, April 27, 2009


I really don't understand Soccer. I find my mind wandering during most Basketball games. Football is so incredibly confusing, I still am not sure how you get a first down. But Baseball I get. It could be because I started playing in second grade, and played until the boys started getting better than me, around age 12. It could be because my Dad took just me to a Tigers Game that he won free tickets to, on a Sunday. We skipped out on the last hour of church and told the Bishop we were going to a Tigers game...and the bishop totally approved! It could be that the Detroit Tigers were SOOOOO good in the early 80's that Baseball was the game that everyone in my high school was watching. I remember all of those years leading up to the World Series in 1984, and everyone in my house screaming when the Tigers really won! That's me on the far right on one of my first teams. We had to make our own team T-shirts. Pontiac City never had fancy uniforms. We also played in the street all the time growing up.
This is Kelly Kilgore, and my brother David, and I have no recollection of who that kid is with the mitt, but this was one of our street "pickle" games. It's how we practiced throwing and catching. We also actually played games in the street, and never broke too many windows. "Car" was a very familiar shout that often interrupted a really good base hit....It's funny how I don't think I would let my kids play in the street...Maybe parents worry too much these days....
So Clint has also discovered baseball. We went through the gamut of sports with Clint. Soccer and Basketball have too much contact competitiveness. Both of those sports just really stress him out because he is not aggressive. My friend told me she thought Clint would be great at Baseball because it is much more mental, and you just have to focus on your one job. You don't have to take anything from anyone. You just have to play your part.

We tried T-Ball when Clint was younger, but he just wanted to look and clouds and watch the bees fly by. But now he is doing really well. There are some kids on his team that have been playing forever, and they are amazing. But Clint is doing pretty good. He hits the ball hard, when he hits it. He plays short stop, second base, and right field. He throws pretty well, and can catch. And he loves his coach. And I know what is going on, and I usually get caught up in the game. They have a LOT of practices, but I am glad that he has found a team sport that he really does like. And I have re-connected with a sport I had forgotton that I loved! I was practicing throwing and catching with Clint outside in the street in front of our house when my neighbor Jim came out and asked if I played Softball in High School, because I was pretty good! I told him I was good when I was 10. But there is no way I could have kept up with those girls in High School. But it was really fun to remember that I really do love Baseball!

It's too bad we don't have a REAL team here! ;)

(That is Clint and his friend Michael pictured above.)

Writing this post has made me feel so incredibly nostalgic, especially since I added the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack to it. I am glad I grew up right outside of Detroit...and even though it freaks me out a little when I go visit my parents in my old neighborhood, I am grateful for the childhood that I had there. I am missing my family tonight. I have a really good one.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Hero!

What could possibly be better than this??? Superheros in our own neighborhood!
Do you feel safe now?!!

Wolverine: Aiden Batman: Kooyman Spiderman: Derek

Ben 10 Bat Cave

I have not had to play "Bat Cave" with Derek for a few days because the weather has finally been so nice, we have been outside non-stop. Today, however, it was gray and gloomy. We played "Bat Cave" again. "Bat Cave" means I sit on the floor in Derek's room while I play with Batman. Batman takes on the roll of the mom/dad. We usually play by me telling all of the Ben 10 Aliens that it is almost time for bed. We all brush teeth, put PJ's on, have a drink and then get to bed. Derek takes on the roll of all 5 Ben 10 guys. In the morning, Bat Man wakes up the Ben 10 kids, they eat breakfast, get ready for school, and guard the joker and the penguin in the jail cell in the Bat Cave. Occasionally, the bad guys escape in the Batmobile or the jokermobil. And the Ben 10 guys go find them and put them back in the jail cell.
This can go on for hours..... And on some days.....It does.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy Idealist

I think I am out of my mind, but every time I put in one of the newer Disney DVD's and I see this new logo, I CRY!!! I know I am absolutly nuts! But does anyone else understand?

My kids think I am crazy...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Salt Lake City Tea Party 2009

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them". --Thomas Jefferson
We almost didn't make it because the weather was so horrible.
But we went, and I am glad that we did.

It's true, I think, that you really only regret the things that you don't do.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally! Some Sun.

It was a very nice day the Monday after Easter. The first one we have had for what seems like weeks! Clint was out of school. So I took the boys and their friends to Liberty Park. It was a bit of a drive, but it was worth it. I have not been there since Clint was a baby.
They have a great playground there.
But the boys spent most of their time on the rocks.
That park is huge, and there are lots of places to explore.
We got to check out the greenhouse.
Then we made our way over to the Tracy Aviary.
I really have a thing for Eagles. They are so cool, and strong looking. I don't think they are afraid of anything. They really are beautiful.
The friendliest bird was definitely the Peacock. This one really loved Derek and Kooyman. I am sure it was because of their small size. The Peacock really freaked Kooy out then it came after him and started pecking his pockets.
Derek wanted to bring him home with us to live with Rex.
We are most definitely planning a trip back....
In the summer time, they have paddle boats!

Superhero Eggs

What do Superheros have to do with Easter?Well, they are all good guys...

They do good things....

They are great examples.....

They unselfishly serve and help others....

They have a love for humanity that many cannot understand....

They willingly sacrifice all that they have, and all that they are, for the least of us...

They fight Evil and Apathy....

They are symbols of hope...

And they usually save the world.
Superheros are just pretend, but they represent things that are true. They are not perfect, but they remind us of things that are....
So I think Superheros are just fine to think about during Easter. And making stained fingers become clean again is just fine, too.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt 2009

I actually have been uploading a ton of photos on Facebook because it is so much easier, so you can find more pictures of the Neighborhood there.This was our second annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Neighborhood. It was another wet and gloomy day, but the kids still had fun.

Friday, April 10, 2009

6th of 6th Tag

The 6th picture in my 6th folder?

Clint, Landen, Ethan, and Michael on their hike at Webelos Camp, Summer, 2008.

TAG!!!! Your Turn!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I think Clint was about 7 when he learned to play checkers... Derek, who is now 4, is a wiz at them! He has been playing for a few months. I just recently stopped letting him win on purpose. Unfortunately, he can actually beat me by himself now, (almost.) Of course, I am not the greatest player, but Clint was in 4th grade before I felt like he was smarter than me...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It was a beautiful day yesterday! Finally! And even though we could still get a snowstorm or two before Summer, I know that spring is really on it's way!
It was a perfect evening for taking pictures... And for Clint's first Pre-Season Baseball game.
That is Clint running after he got walked.
Number 7 in the dugout...

Second Base on the field.

Jeff and Clint watching the game....some of the time.
Two hours is too long for a little league game, in my opinion. Derek had fun climbing on the rocks and rolling down the hill. And I had fun taking pictures!