Friday, April 4, 2008

What has Derek been doing????

While Clint has been out changing the world and winning science fairs...Derek has been having lots of fun. He recently discovered Superfriends Concentration, which has become his favorite game that everyone in the family has to take turns playing with him. He is learning all the names of all the superheros! That is very important stuff.

He loves to make us laugh, and really is the clown of the family...

He loves to climb trees, and race whoever he can and always reminds us that no matter where we are going, it is a race "I'm donna win!!!!" (He doesn't say "G" sounds either...)I love the way he talks.

He also has lots of really good friends that he likes to play with. He likes to make messes and do projects...I guess a clean kitchen really is not the most important thing....right?
I'm really grateful that he is still so little and cute and fun and I try not to think about him growing up so fast. I'm having the time of my life being his mom.

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