Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Birthday Recap

Everyone knows about the balloons for my birthday from my cute friends...what you may not know is that Miranda also took me to see princess on ice last week. It was so fun. You can see the smilebox for that at Mirandas website (See side bar: Miranda, then Princess on ice on her blog...I still have to try to figure out how to put her smilebox on my blog.). I also had breakfast at Mimi's, put together by Jill, and a pedicure from Michelle, and a gift card for clothes from my mother in law and Jeff's family, and my sweet sister-in-law Kimm got me a Cinderella cake. That was so thoughtful and sweet. Then there is the one mystery gift card for Megaplex Theaters. Then on the morning of my birthday, I got breakfast in bed from all of my sweet boys.

For my Birthday Finale, Jeff took Clint and I to see VIDEO GAMES LIVE at Abravenal Hall in SLC. Wasn't that nice of him to take me to a video game music concert for my Birthday??? Actually, it was really cool and I loved it. The best part was of course the tribute to the greatest video game of all time, Halo (see clip below). (Make sure to pause the music on the "My Playlist " on my side bar so you can get the full effect of the video clip.) It really was a fun concert, complete with lazers, live characters from the games, movie and game clips on a big screen, a funny script, and a lot of really good music. (I've posted my favorites from the night on my playlist). Video games really have evolved into an amazing art form, with some pretty impressive scores. Even though I don't share Jeff and Clint's love of playing, I have developed a respect for all of the really talented people that are involved in creating a really good game. And fortunatley I have asked Jeff enough questions about the plots, and characters of some of those games (in my attempt to be interested in his hobby)...so I was just as excited to see Master Chief come out as he was. So turning 40 was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks to an amazing family, lots of really wonderful friends, and an Xbox!


Shelli said...

Rachel, you write very well. You are so smart!!! I admire the way you try to take interest in Jeff's games. Sounds like the concert was fun!!

rachelmbingham said...

Shelli, Thank you for the cute Birthday Card...You somehow managed to have it arrive exactly on my birthday. You are a great sister! I love you!