Friday, April 25, 2008

Bad Day

Am I the only one who feels like sometimes I am absolutly surrounded by Selfish Idiots? Or maybe I am the idiot for putting myself in the middle of all of them. (readers of my blog are excluded from my Idiots list, just so you know.) I've been on the phone all afternoon trying to fill slots for my PTA board next year...and then...oh never mind...I'll just write something I regret...I'm just going to leave it at more time...I am surrounded by Selfish idiots! They are everywhere, in every aspect of my life. But I am grateful for some of my real friends who throw me a rope sometimes, when I really need one. And I quit Target. That one extra commitment almost pushed me over the edge. Jeff decided that he would rather have a sane wife then an extra $400 a month. I'll go back to teaching part time when Derek is in first grade. We will just financially limp along until then. We'll make it. I'm having kind of a bad day, can you tell?

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