Thursday, April 10, 2008

ABC's Tag

ABC's Tagged...

A. ATTACHED OR SINGLE? Attached to my husband Jeff (heart)

B: BEST FRIENDS? Jeff, of course, my sisters and family, and too many other sweet people to name...I would name a bunch and accidently leave someone out and feel terrible, I love you all!!

C: CAKE OR PIE? Hmmmm, that's a tough one...but I do love frosting...I know lots of people who think it's gross...and I love how pretty cakes can look when they are decorated...I would like to take a class...anyone else interested??? But I do love pie too! Desserts are my favorite. I've never met one I didn't like...

D: DAY OF CHOICE? Wednesday...That is usually Jeff's day off

E: ESSENTIAL ITEMS? Motrin, Bath and Body works Grapefruit lotion, Aussie scrunch spray, my straightning iron for when I want to look nice...which isn't too often:)

F: FAVORITE COLORS? Pink and Purple

G: GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS? Gummy bears- but I don't really eat much candy. I'm much more of a cookies or chocolate kinda girl. (Amber's answer...but that's me too)

H: HOMETOWN? Pontiac, Michigan

I: FAVORITE INDULGENCE? Blogging, See's Chocolated, Reading in the bathtub, American Idol, Arrested Development, and the Office. (Finally a new episode is on tonight!!!!)

J: JANUARY OR JULY? July-I love summer, especially with little kids!

K: KIDS? Clint-10, Derek-3, Loves of my life!

L: LIFE ISN'T COMPLETE WITHOUT: My family (Amen to that...Agian, Amber)

M: MARRIAGE DATE? July 23, 1993 (Wow, 15 years this summer!!!)

N: NUMBER OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS? 3 older sisters, 1 younger Brother

O: ORANGES OR APPLES? I love oranges, if I can find good ones, they are hard to come by in Utah for some reason.

P: PHOBIA OR FEARS? Sharks...I saw Jaws when I was 8.

Q: QUOTE? ""All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."--Walt Disney

R: REASONS TO SMILE? My sweet boys doing what is right, or being funny...And Jeff is pretty funny too!

S: SUPERMAN OR WONDER WOMAN? I know lots of Wonder Women

T: TAG 5 PEOPLE: Lisa, Miranda, Chelsea, Kimm, Laryl (good way to start a blog out), and anyone else who reads this.

U: UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME? I was mugged at gunpoint with my sister Shelli and my mom when I was in 9th grade. (We've all recovered from the trauma!)

V: VEGETABLE? Carrots. They are the easiest to eat on the run.

W: WORST HABIT? Picking at the dead skin on my heels. Ewww I know it's gross, but I am really trying hard to pumice stone them and put lots of lotion so they aren't as bad.

X: X-RAY OR ULTRASOUND? I've had both. Ultrasounds are definately more exciting!

Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? Cafe Rio pork tacos, Lime tortilla chips with "Newmans Own" salsa, sticky fingers salad from Wingers, See's chocolates, any kind of desserets.



laryl said...

I love these...but alas, I cannot succumb to "blog-world". However, I was shocked to hear you were mugged. I was held up at gun-point while at work. SCARY!! Glad you got over the trauma. (Any advice for me? JK!)

Miranda Eccles said...

WOW, I learned a lot about you that I didn't know. LuV yA

Kimberlinah! said...

I didn't know about the mugging either. Scary.

I want to take a cake decorating class DESPERATELY! Let's do it!