Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Secret Garden

Sego Lily Gardens / Water Wise Landscapes

A few people have asked about Sego Lily Gardens...I guess it's not our little secret anymore. It really is a nice place...perfect for family photograhs. And best of all, it's free! Check it out this spring...but don't tell too many people. The best thing about it is that not many people know it's there:)

"...Sego Lily Gardens first opened in August of 1999. The Garden is one of the first demonstration gardens along the Wasatch Front to emphasize low-water use plants and landscaping. Sego Lily Gardens is located at 1472 East Sego Lily Drive (10200 South). It is open from Spring through Fall. For more information about Sego Lily Gardens, or if interested in volunteering, please call 568-6087, or visit the web page at"


Miranda Eccles said...

WOW, thank you for sharing. We're going to have to go check it out. How in the world did you find it?

rachelmbingham said...

Hey 'randa...Clint and I found the garden when we started letterboxing last spring...which is another cool activitiy that I recommend. It is easy to miss while you are driving and looking for it...the entrance is kind of hidden and far back from the road. And it doesn't look like much on the outside of the gate, but it is really nice...especially in the middle of summer. Right now they are just getting it going agian. Jeff and I want to go and take some notes on how we can do some of the stuff they have done there in our own yard. Do you want to go sometime?

Shelli said...

Rachel, I want to go... Oh yeah I live too far away, darn!!!

Dave said...

Hey Rachel, Shelli and I have a blog now. It's and I have one it's we'll have to put your down as a family and friends. see ya. nice flowers. Dave