Saturday, April 26, 2008


Our fun continued this week with a trip to the Living Planet Aquarium. Unfortunately my camera battery died. There were a lot of people there which is unusual for a week day. We had a fun time looking at all of the fish. Garrett and Preston loved the coral reef play area. Derek loves to watch the sharks. I feel bad for the sharks. I don't think they look too good. I think they know that they are not in California any more, and they are probably depressed.
By the way, it was SNOWING when we came out. Talk about Depressing! We had to run to the car in a BLIZZARD with NO coats was nice and warm when we went into the Aquarium! Crazy weather. Friday night, Our Elementary School had one of their annual family skate nights the local skating rink. My kids don't skate, so I paid extra for the Bounce Zone and the Jungle play area. The kids had fun, and after an hour of getting really hot and sweaty, we got an Icee for everyone...Derek and Preston got red, Clint and Garrett got blue. And then for some strange reason they all were running around until 11:00 PM.
On Saturday morning, we got everyone in the car and drove to Ogden to go to the Dinosaur Park. The boys loved the Playground, of course. But they also loved exploring all of the trails and learning about all of the giant dinosaur statues. Their favorite part of all was investigating the "Mystery Trail" which is just where they keep all of the mistakes that they made while they were first creating the Park. Dinosaurs that never really existed, and stuff like that. There was some giant frog-like creature, dinosaurs that look more like dragons, giant bugs, snakes and big, ugly prehistoric rat-like things, which I don't think lived at the same time as dinosaurs. But I am no expert...I'll have to chech with Clint. There are sound effects all over the park, and big speakers. There is a volcano that Garrett was absolutly positive was a real volcano. It was a great day. I think they enjoyed the Park even more than the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. I think it was definately more fun! And less expensive too! Win/Win! They also got to dig for their own gem stones at the rock quarry. That was really cool.
Derek, Preston and Garrett didn't get to bed before 9:00 all week. And surprisingly, they took very few naps. But they still usually got along. They are all very good boys. We are really going to miss having them around. We wish they lived closer to us so that we could see them more often. My house is an absolute disaster, I think that maybe I cooked dinner twice this past week, I have piles and piles of laundry, there is dog hair everywhere, and We are completely out of towels...But I have had a great week...and I will always choose having fun with kids over housework. I can let it go for quite a while...If only it would just all magically get done. I try to ignore it for as long as I can...but eventually I have to deal with it. Maybe someday I can afford maid service...until then, I'll clean every once in a while, but only when I absolutley have to.
Before you start the smileboxes, find the Jurassic Park theme on my "playlist" for the full effect. The song lasts through both smileboxes and makes a perfect soundtrack for our Cousin Dinosaur Adventure.


Greg & Andrea said...

It sounds like those boys had a fun time together and it sounds like you need a vacation or a trip to the spa. What a fun Mom you are.

Amber said...

You are so fun...and creative to find all kinds of things to do. I bet you will be the favorite aunt to them too.