Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why am I doing this again?

Why am I doing this again? I asked myself as I rushed home from school after having to finish up cleaning our classroom 45 min. later than when I needed to leave to get everything ready for my end of school year party.We were doing tye-dye. And I was thinking I was really the only person who cared. "Why am I doing this?" I rushed in and told Lisa, who was on her way over, "Don't let me do this again next year..."She promised she would. Sonja showed up early and helped me set up, and was sweet and supportive. "Why am I doing this?" She smiled and patted my back.

"Why am I doing this again?" I asked myself as I left the setting up to Ching Ching, Nicole, and Sonja as I jumped into the car and rushed back up to the school to pick up a few other kids.

Rushed back home, turned on the grill and threw the hot dogs on as kids and moms started filling up the backyard. I turned the hot dog grilling over to Lisa and enlisted the moms to start on with the mixing of the dye.... And I glanced around and realized...."Why am I doing this???? Well, isn't it kind of obvious???

It's worth every minuet. And that's why we do it. Happy Summer Memory Making.


Greg & Andrea said...

I feel the same way about things sometimes. It's like you get so overwhelmed while you are planning and setting up...but then once you see how happy everyone is and all the fun they are having you feel so much joy and you know it was so worth it.

Miranda said...

Love it. Sooooo sad we missed out.