Monday, June 14, 2010

Swimming Season 2010

Last week I just took Clint's camera to the pool because I don't like taking mine around the water. I had a hard time with not being able to look in the eye-piece. You have to just look on the screen on the back. It was hard to see the screen in the sun.My eye was a little off because I didn't know for sure what I was shooting.Derek is a fish. And Clint made the best of it, but he is definately growing out of pool time. Still, he has to come with gets him out of the house and away from the x-box. Sometimes I hate that Clint and Derek are so far apart in age. Derek is at such a fun and magical age. Clint is a real sweetheart, but is definately old enough to prefer friends and electronics to playtime and family. But he goes along. At least for now.

The pictures definately didn't turn out as good...but there is nothing like the pool....

There is nothing like summer.

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Greg & Andrea said...

I agree....there is nothing like summer! I love the warm weather and being able to be outside all day with my girls. Looks like the boys had fun and Clint is a great big brother to go along with you guys.