Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ends of Eras

Derek graduated from preschool.

He will be going to Kindergarten next year.
Clint started Jr. High. He rides his bike to school most days. And he takes a lot of his own pictures....He has some really great friends, but I don't really know any of them all that well.

His favorite teacher is his math teacher, Mrs. Sorino. She adores him. He always has been a good student.

I am learning that older boys love food...and that is one way to win them over. But instead of otter pops, they need Pizza, and soda.I am worried that they wont be around as much. I don't really know how to entertain them...other than to let them play x-box, and feed them. They don't need as much entertainment. They can take care of themselves in lots of ways. They can ride their bikes to 7-11, or the movie theater. They can play air soft in the gully for hours. They can organize their own night games. In fact the only thing I feel useful for is tellling them to "turn off the x-box, do your homework, practice guitar, go to bed, get up out of bed, brush your teeth, feed the dog, mow the lawn, take out the garbage, clean your room..."I have become a nag instead of a fun mom, "be home before it gets dark, don't forget to call me, stop teasing your brother..."I hope I can still be the mom that Clint needs me to be. But adolescence is a whole new world.

At least I still have a few good years left with Derek and his friends.

(Clint took most the pictures at Jr. High)

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Greg & Andrea said...

Derek is so cute! Clint and Derek are growing up so fast! And as for Clint I think you are being just the Mom he needs you to be. I remember at his age the friends houses that I liked to go to the most where the ones were the parents were nice, there was always good food, and we had our space to just have fun. Which it sounds like you have at your house. Don't worry you'll always be one of the cool Moms :)