Saturday, June 5, 2010

Searching for Pandora

"We have an indigenous population of humanoids called the Na'vi. "
"Mask on!"
"You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora, ladies and gentleman."
"Just hold your ground..."" I may not be much of a horse guy, but I was born to do this. "
"I see you..."
"You have a strong Heart...""Eywa has heard you...""Out there is the true world, and in here is the dream...." "The wealth of this world isn't in the ground - it's all around us..."

Body paint is liquid blue tempra paint mixed with water and cornstarch. It was easy to hose off afterwards.


Greg & Andrea said...

They are the cutest little blue boys. So fun.

Miranda said...

OMG...sweet lil' stinkin' cute!!! You do the funnest stuff!!