Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lego Champ

We haven't been to the library for ages. We all were sitting around one evening and decided to go and grab a few things to read. Clint just happened to see a flyer for a Lego competition the following week. He came home and went to work coming up with a creation that would be original. He is a LegoManiac by nature, and has been for years.
He showed up on the night of the competition with a really cool Lego Book, that opened and closed like a real book, and had pages made of Legos with pictures on them.
I was very impressed. But when we got to the Library, I was also really impressed by a lot of the other designs. That red car on the table took first place. Clint took third, and we were really excited.

His creation is on display at the Library for the next few weeks, and he won a gift card to Toys R Us. I went up to the library today and saw a girl taking a picture of his book with her phone...I almost told her my son made it, but she may have thought I was weird, and why would she believe me? But still, it was cool to see someone appreciating it. And I couldn't help saying to myself "yep, that's my boy!"


Miranda said...

I totally would have told her it was YOUR son. Clint is awesome!

Greg & Andrea said...

Go Clint! What a great idea....I can see why you are so proud of him. He is is smart and very creative. I wonder where he gets that from? hmmm.....