Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spider Webs 2010

Usually by this time every year we can get out the kiddie pool and slip and slide, but it has been so cold and gray all spring, we havn't been able to. But at least we can do our spider webs.

Derek, Kooy and Aiden raided the neighbors yarn supply again and got to work.

I love seeing how they work it, but it is still a drag to cut it all down.

Still worth the clean up effort if it keeps the boys busy for a few hours.

Landen put some finishing touches on when he got home from school. The neighbors shake their heads and laugh and comment on how it is much more intricate every year. Pretty soon those boys will be expert spiders.

Or expert Spidermen.

Happy Summer.


Laura said...

Thats awesome!! Next time you do that call us over...Noah would love that!!

Greg & Andrea said...

That is so cool! Now that's the kind of craft I can do easy. Just let the kids go and I only have to do the clean up. :)