Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sisters say it best

I copied this off of my sister Wendy's facebook page. Sisters understand eachother, and if the Disney gene of emotion runs in your family, you just might understand it too... Wendy Rawlins Stebar
Pixar’s Parable – Toy Story 3 …or… “Why the heck am I crying?”

What is it about Truth that makes our eyes tear up? ...Like:

“If we all hold hands and stick together, we can get through anything.

That we never leave anybody behind stuck in a trash bin.

That sometimes our Rescue is at the very last minute when hope is only hanging by a thread;
and that Help can come in the most unlikely and unexpected ways.

That Loyalty, Friendship, and Love are the most valuable attributes one can have in life, no matter how long or short that life may be…

And that “looking up” is always the answer.

Lastly, that the absolute WORST THING You can become is a bitter, selfish, controlling and miserable old Bear!"


Miranda said...

I just got the chills...and teary eyed! I CANNOT wait to see this movie!!

Greg & Andrea said...

Well you know I have the gene so....yup I'm crying. After reading the first line about sticking together to get through anything there was just no reason to fight it. LOL I can't wait to see this movie.