Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Matters Most

We worried when my car died on Sunday night, and I went in to a full on depression when our furnace blew out on Monday...and I still hadn't decided what to do about Rex...he is just a dog after all...I was in a fog all day Monday. Then, after a good talk with my sister, I felt a ray of hope that everything would work out. My sweet family was going to be there for us, like they always have been. Then friends came to our aid in more ways then one. I feel a little like Jimmy Stewart in "It's A Wonderful Life"...(maybe I watch too many movies.) My friend suggested having a pie sale. Clint went door to door and I cannot believe the response. 80% were more than willing to help and were so sweet, supportive and generous. 20% were just really interested in getting pies, or so they said:) We have raised over $500 in pie sales, Clint has forfeited his allowance for the next year,($250), I took back spring birthday clothes I bought for myself last week ($140) My amazing sisters, brother and parents, and Jeff's family have come up with $400, Jeff sold a gun, ($350) yes, hard to believe he cares, but it's true. I have sweet friends and family members who are helping to make pies, I am selling a dresser that has always been too big for my bedroom. I'm hopeing for $200, I am also selling DVD's, Derek's train sets (I'm keeping one), books, toys, scrapbooking supplies and stamps, I'm planning on hopefully another $500. I think I have enough junk to get it...I love ebay. So we are almost there. As for the furnace and the car...Jeff can probably handle the car repairs are his thing, and as for the furnace...summer is almost here and we all have fleece jackets and warm socks and blankets. We will worry about it next year. I am grateful that it happened in march instead of January. There is always something to be grateful for. Most of all I am grateful for family and friends who really do understand that the only things that really matter are life, and love. Rex will go straight to the Celestial Kingdom...and maybe he can be one of the reasons that we can all get a little closer to getting there ourselves, for being so unselfish and sacrificing so much, for a dog.


Amber said...

Now I'm crying. I thought that trait skipped me! I'm glad things are working out. We might want to come over and purchase some toys before you sell them. Nathan needs new ones anyways so Cameron said I could get what I wanted (cheaper than brand new and the money goes towards a good cause, so let me look). :)

Lisa Kay said...

Now I feel really bad that I told you how I was really looking forward to your apple pie. I guess I am part of that 20% you mentioned. :( You know I love you! We are so happy to help. You are so strong. You don't seemed depressed at all. Let me know what I can do to help.

Wendy Stebar said...

My kids make fun of me when I get emotional about things like this. But what am I supposed to do when I'm reading your latest Blog and listening to "the Song" at the same time? Do you think this sounds too "girly?" I think it just sounds "sistery!" Loveoooooooooo, Wendy