Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So, Rex is now going to begin the recovery stage for yes, 8 weeks. He is so sweet and good natured...nothing dampens his spirits. We have to keep him off his leg, so he limps outside a couple of times a day. He spends a lot of time in his crate, because he needs to be confined. He is getting a lot of attention. Jeff is adjusting to having him in the TV Room because he can't take the stairs yet. He also had to sleep with one of those cones on around his head. He really hates that. I think he feels embarrased. At least caring for a dog is much easier than when I had to take care of Clint when he was in that body cast for 8 weeks when he broke his femer when he was 3 years old. This is much, much easier. Like I said, Rex just needs to sleep. He doesn't need me to entertain him. He has 15 ugly staples in the inside of his leg, they are pretty gross looking. I didn't take a picture. The vet said the surgery went great. Now Clint has a lot of Thank You Cards to Write. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped. And Rex is grateful too!
***Clint went to the BYU regional science fair today. He was excited to miss school, but he didn't place this time. He felt like he didn't do very good in the interview, but there were over 600 students there, and some of those projects were absolutly amazing. There were about 150 trophies. Clint was dissapointed, but he is talking about next year now. I am hoping to get some feedback from the judges to see what we can do better in the future. I think Clint may have been really tired and preoccupied. Plus this is the third science fair that he has had to do the same presentation over agian, I think some of his excitement was gone. He still said that he had a nice time. And we have learned a lot this year. Next year will be exciting too!


Kimberlinah! said...

Good to hear that Rex is doing well. That's too bad that Clint didn't place. I'm glad that he's had these great experiences so far though! I know he's learned a lot. He's such a great nephew! :)

Miranda Eccles said...

Yeah Rex! Glad to hear your on the mends and will be back to your normal self...soon! You're in great hands and with a family that loves your TONS, especially Clint. Suck it up as much as your can puppy! did an awesome job on your project and I learned sooo much. Thank you for sharing your presentation with us at scouts...YOU'RE THE BEST DUDE EVER!! xoxo--The second best Mom Ever xoxo

Amber said...

I love stories with Happy Endings. I'm glad everything has worked out.
Clint that is awesome that you made it to the State competition. What an accomplishment that alone is! I remember my science fair project was "How does ommiting salt from choc. chip cookies effect the outcome?" Or something really lame like that (maybe it was baking soda? can't quite remember). Good times. :)

rachelmbingham said...

It's so nice to have sweet friends and family who you guys!