Monday, March 24, 2008

Lemonade Sale for Rex

I dropped Rex off at the Vet's this morning at 7:00. He will have his surgery today, and I will pick him up tomorrow. Clint and his friends have worked hard to save him. Clint has found out that he has a lot of really good friends, an amazing extended family, and a wonderful neighborhood full of sweet, kind people who love him and love the opportunity to do something good if they have the chance. What this entire experience has taught Clint is priceless. We have just felt such an outpouring of love and kindness from so many people. During a time of crisis when I could have easily slipped into a full on depression, I have felt such an overwhelming amount of love towards so many people. I want to be a better person and do more to help others, and just be better in every way. Thanks Rex. We love you!


Wendy Stebar said...

When I read the first few lines of your entry today I just started crying out loud (and I can do that because I'm home alone and nobody would have seen me anyway)
This story is really remarkable! What a wonderful illustration about true friendship, sacrifice, faith in the compassion and kindness of good neighbors and the selfless love of a boy for his dog. It reminds me of something you would read about in the "Trying To Be Like Jesus" section of The Friend... Hey, That's a great idea. It would be sweet to hear about it written from Clint's point of view and you can send it along with some of these great photos that you've taken of Clint and his friends so willing to help.
...and just so Corbin can know you were telling the truth about your beautiful niece.... She absolutely is! And she's an animal lover, too! Much Love, Aunt Wendy

Amber said...

I am so glad that this has turned into such a good experience! When given a chance so many people are happy to serve and it just makes everyone feel so good. Cute pictures!

Shelli said...

I was just thinking of how we have to "know the bitter to know the sweet", and how just a month or so ago Clint felt he didn't have any friends, and he (and you ) went through that tough experience at school. I am so thankful for life's experiences and what they teach us. Thank you for allowing us to share this wonderful experience with you all. The pictures and story is so sweet.

Wendy Stebar said...

Chelsea put a picture of Derek on our blog that she took while she and Jacquie were visiting - it's cute- but it's underneath my latest posting because she stuck it in the drafts and I didn't see it until today.

Wendy Stebar said...

Clint, thanks for sending us your story about Rex. I downloaded a copy of it and printed it off for our family scrapbook.
Love you, Aunt Wendy