Sunday, March 9, 2008

Clint and Derek stood in line for 1 &1/2 hrs. to hold a baby bear at the Sportsmans Warehouse yesterday, (Saturday). By the time we finially got to the bears, Derek just wanted to lay on the ground and scream about how much he just wanted chicken nuggets. He didn't even want to touch the baby bear because it just looked like another puppy. The bear was really darling. It kept sticking it's tounge out...I don't know where it's mother was. There were 6 cubs altogether. Their hands and feet were really cute. Derek was upset after we left because he regretted that he didn't even touch the bear. Clint said that holding the bear was worth the wait. At least he was happy. It was a long time for Derek to have to wait. Poor little guy. At least he got his picture taken with the bear and hopefully we can all just remember that it was fun???


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Nice blog. Both of you so cute.

Glad to know more about your places as well as your country.


Amber said...

That little bear is so cute. I think Nathan would have been right there with Derek wanting the chicken nuggets too.