Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Luck Letterboxing

Last year, Clint, Derek and I started Letterboxing. This is when you find clues online HERE that tell you where to find a hidden box that has a stamp in it. After you find the box, you stamp your own notebook that you bring along with the stamp in the box, and then sign your name, and leave your own personal stamp in the book that is in the hidden box. (Some people tell me it is a little like Geo Cashing...I don't know much about that.) Anyways, last year, we were able to find quite a few hidden in the Salt Lake Valley. And we even hid our own up at Moss Ledge. This year, we have not been so lucky. Sometimes people take boxes and don't put them back. We Went to Wildflower Park, and Dimple Dell Park, and could not find any of the three that we were looking for.
Here Derek, Clint and Mason have very sad faces.

Luckily at Dimple Dell Park we were able to play in the river for awhile. It was really hot and we had hiked a long way in vain. And I was wearing flip flops!

The river was so cold and refreshing. We spent some time recovering and playing before we hiked back to the car. I think the boys had fun even though we went home empty handed.

Then, on Saturday, Clint, Derek and I ventured out to Flat Iron Mesa Park to hopefully find a different letterbox...AND WE FOUND IT!!!! It was very exciting! We are hopeful to explore and find some others now that our faith has been restored. Our next stop is Wheeler Farm!!! Anyone interested? Our lettterbox notebooks are starting to look really cool! And we have found lots of fun parks and gardens that we never would have known about otherwise. And last summer, we even found one when we went to Washington! We recommend it to everyone. Come along with us or look at the letterbox website for your own adventure... it is definitely a fun family thing to do all summer long!

***We made it to Wheeler Farm yesterday! (This has been a post in the making for quite a while). There are a total of 8 supposedly hidden letterboxes there, and we found 2 yesterday. We found 2 different ones there last year. We had fun!


Miranda Eccles said...

How fun! You always find fun and creative things to do with the boys, as well as bringing their friends along. Derek and Clint will have awesome memories of the time they spend with you. You're a good Mom, Rachel! xoxo

jillybean22 said...

That is so fun! You do the funnest things with the kids. Mason and Brax had tons of fun with you last week. Thanks for having them! I'm trying really hard to keep up on this blogging thing. I still suck, but am definitely improving. I love yours and all your pictures!

Rachel Bingham said...

Jill....is that really you!!!!!!