Wednesday, July 9, 2008


In the car:

Me: Derek, stop calling your brother "big but" or you will go to time out!

Derek: (Strapped in his car seat) I'm already in time out!

Jeff was telling Derek to stay off his roped off corner of the lawn where he had just planted some grass seeds.

Jeff: Stay off the lawn right there so the seeds will grow.

Derek: What kind of seeds?

Jeff: What kind of seeds do you think they are?

Derek: Mulberries?

Jeff: (laughing) No.

Derek: Marshmallows?

Jeff: (laugh)

Derek: Cookies?

(Laughing, laughing, laughing)

Derek cracks us up!

Derek's new song that he made up himself: (The kid is a comic genius)

"I love you

You love me

Barney sings that on TV..."

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