Friday, July 18, 2008

Afternoon in Salt Lake City

The Fountain at Gateway is so cool. I love the music they play with the water show. It really is beautiful. But we never remember to bring our bathing suits. At least this time I brought a towel.
And it's free!

Clint wanted to show Matthew the old Train Station there. It has a great echo inside.

Of course we got ice cream afterwards. Ben and Jerry's. Derek got some kind of a Mango Icy thing. It was so yummy! Clint and Matthew got waffle cones.

But the main reason I wanted to go downtown was to check out the new little cupcake place I had read about...Mini's Cupcakes What a cute little shop. Everything is pink inside. It is a great little place. The cupcakes are gorgeous. You can choose a variety in a 1/2 dozen box for about $6. Maybe a little pricey...but fun to go for a special treat if you are down that way.
Locally owned and operated...It's a good thing for me it is about a 25 min. drive each way!


CricketKritter said...

That was fun!

Lisa said...

OMG!When did you go? We went and it was a zoo. So many kids and moms running around. It looks like no body is there! Probably during the week...we went on a Saturday. That explains it.

Rachel Bingham said...

Yeah, it was last Tuesday...not too many people at all.

Amber said...

Thank you so much for the cupcakes!!! How is it that frosting can make anything feel better. We loved them and you too!

Rachel Bingham said...

That is so true about the frosting!

Kimberlinah! said...

I LOVE CUPCAKES! Next time you go, call me and I'm there!