Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Do you remember...???

When I was a kid, we would spend all night playing all those games...Ghost in the Graveyard, Kick the Can, Statues, Car lot, Sardines, Witch in the Well, Alcatraz... So many fun summer nights that I will never forget... Then, and now.
So grateful my boys live in a place where they will have some of those same summer memories...And there's will be even better...because I provide the Otter Pops!
One of the very best things about being a parent is getting the chance to re-live our best memories through our children. I love being a mom!


Greg & Andrea said...

HOw fun. Your such a good mom to keep all those fun games going with your kids. There is nothing like playing outside games in the summer.

Amber said...

I like the new look of your blog, and very cute! I can't believe how many creative things you think of doing with your kids. I need to take notes. Did you guys have fun yesterday? Nathan ended up getting a fat lip from falling on the curb, and a huge scratch on his leg. The highlight was getting a bucket of slime from one of the booths. He loved that. :)

Rachel Bingham said...

Oh, poor Nathan! And we got one of thoses buckets of slime too...so cool! I forgot to take my camera...so sad!