Monday, May 19, 2008

Trip to This is the Place Park

Clint's performance group did a show at this is the place park, we got free admission, so we hung out afterwards and looked around. It was so fun! I can't believe we had never gone before! We will definately take another trip up there soon!

The lighting was pretty bad. The performance was under a pavilion with the sun shining in right behind them. But they sounded pretty good.

Derek spent the entire time during the performance rolling around in the grass and pulling grass up and making nests and putting them on his head.

After the singing, Clint changed his clothes and we looked around at some of the monuments.

There was a plaque that had names of all of the original pioneers that first came into the Salt Lake Valley.

Derek and Clint's Great Great Grandfather is listed there. THOMAS BINGHAM
It was cool to learn a little about Utah Pioneer History.
Then we went off the look at all of the historic buildings and meet some pioneer girls!
At one of the houses, it was set up just for kids. They could handle all of the artifacts, and play some pioneer games like this is called "Grace".
You throw a ring using two sticks to your partner, who catches the ring with another two sticks. The pioneer girls used to play this game to become more "graceful".
Derek and Clint had fun trying to figure it out. It's harder than it looks.
Jeff found a pair of stilts. He is so cool. He did a good job on the stilts. Maybe he had a pair at home that he used to practice on when he was a kid.
Derek didn't like the stilts too much.
Clint did pretty good.
Derek's favorite thing at the park was the laundry. He kept coming back to wash more clothes....I think all little kids love to play in water. I wonder if pioneer children liked to help with the laundry...and if they did...I wonder if they ever actually got any of it clean...
Because if Derek did our laundry....It would definately be wet... Clint gave it a try too, he didn't enjoy it quite as much.
Derek got some tips from the girls. They let him wash as long as he wanted. And he washed a pretty long time...He would have liked to have stayed longer....
But we had some other things to see.
We took a train ride around the entire park and got to see lots of restored homes and original buildings. Then we stopped at the wooden playground before it was time to go. They had lots of little play houses and a wooden train. We had such a good time. There is a lot more that I would have liked to see. We will definately go again soon.

To those of you asking about performances, sorry I didn't get dates and times out to anyone. It all just happened so fast, and with PTA stuff I am just feeling so unorganized. I have got to take some time after school is out and really regroup. I have got to be more organized before next year. If you are interested in seeing Clint, his final show is next Friday, at 7:00 at Juan Diego High School. Let me know if you need some details. Other than that, I will try to do better next year. He also has a guital recital on the 2nd of June at Sandy Library. He would love to see anyone come to either one of those performances. I will try to post some video soon so you can see it if you can't make it.


Chelsea Stebar said...

D'aw, Derek is so cute. That picture of him with the nest on his head is just too adorable.

Shelli said...

I agree with Chelsea. That grass nest is sooo cute, and funny.