Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Cards

All of my boys got me very sweet cards for Mother's Day...But this one was my favorite:

(Front of Card)

(Inside of Card)
Translation of "Ranks ror rhe rurgury" if you don't speak "dog"..."Thanks for the surgery"...Thanks Scooby Do, Rex and Jeff.
(Jeff, You are so funny...thanks for keeping me laughing all of these years!)


Greg & Andrea said...

How cute. I'm sure if Rex really could talk that is exactly what he would say.

Miranda Eccles said...

What a thoughtful card Rex...you are the best doggy every. So glad you're back on the mends...you've got a great family!

Shelli said...

That made me laugh, Jeff is good at that!!!

Dave said...

Scooby doo! hope you had a nice mothers day. Give Rex a scooby snack for me. see ya Dave.

Michelle said...

hey I do comment on here look down a few.. :) and it is a cute card.