Friday, May 2, 2008

Rex's Newspaper Article...

Clint's story about Rex is in the Salt Lake Tribune today...I am a little frustrated that they left Amber's name out of the story. She made pies too and was the one who showed me how to wrap them up really cute with cellophane. I know she probably doesn't care, but I do. They also wrote Kim as my sister instead of my sister-in-law. But other than is a nice article, and Clint is excited about it. I'm sure all of other kids will be excited too. I have to try to figure out how to get the article on the blog. So far all I can get is the words to come on. Maybe I will try to scan the actual article later.

Right now Derek needs me to play Hot Wheels Shake 'um Up.



Miranda Eccles said...

What a great story! So proud of you Clint. Folks will love reading this story today.

Shelli said...

You are right to stop to play "hot wheels shake em up" whatever that is. It will come to quick when he won't ask for that time with you. You are a great mom, the Salt Lake Article is great!! I'm so glad we were all able to share in that whole experience with your sweet family. You have such good boys.