Monday, May 26, 2008

Derek's "DEE"

When Derek was just starting to learn to talk, he started all of his words with a "D" sound. "yeah" was "da", "this" was "dis", and for some reason, his blankee became "DEE".

He still loves his Dee. It is hard to get it away from him to wash it...and now it is so badly worn that I have to hand wash it in the sink with Woolite.
He loves to play with the crochet edges. Even though most of the edges are gone. I have sewn it back together a few times. It's funny how certian objects can mean so much. That DEE really does hold a lot of love from Derek. He walks around with it and says "Aw, DEE, I love my DEE". It makes him feel better whenever he is sad or afraid. Gives him comfort whenever he needs it. It is priceless. It is soft and relaxing, and there are lots of ways to hold it, and wrap it around. My job is to keep it intact for as long as I can.

Clint used to have a cute little bunny that he loved, that he had from the time he was a baby...It got left behind in California. It was terrible. Clint has recovered. Hopefully we can hold on to the DEE for a lot longer. Until it becomes vapor, or until all of the patches make a new blanket.

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Chelsea Stebar said...

That's so cute. Ali had a blanket like that, only she called it her "Boof."