Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Science Perrinals I

A few science experiments that we have done on a regular basis because they never get old..
The old Volcano/baking soda/vinegar trick.
I keep the volcano these days. We used to make a new one out of salt dough every time we wanted to do the experiment. Now I just keep it in the closet with the other science stuff. Putting it on a cookie sheet makes it more fun to make a Bionicle or Lego landscape that the lava can overrun. FYI, Model Magic makes a much better volcano than salt dough. It dries a lot better, and doesn't melt with the vinegar. We always make sure to add the red food coloring.

To make things easier for Derek, I pour the vinegar in a bowl so he doesn't have to pour it. He just dips his little measuring cup in the bowl and adds a little vinegar at a time to the volcano. I put the baking soda in a bowl too and give him a measuring spoon to add it in. And I always remind him to keep it all on the cookie sheet.....all on the cookie sheet, on the cookie sheet, on the cookie sheet on the cookie sheet....
Milk and Food Coloring Trick.

I love this experiment too. I never get tired of those swirling colors. The experiment calls for Milk (The fatter the better), food coloring, and dish soap...and toothpicks.

This is why it works. Milk is made of 3 things. Water, Fat and Protein. The Fat absorbs the food coloring, and the dish soap breaks down the fat. Hence, the swirling colors.

And you don't have to swirl the colors around. Just barley touch a drop of color with a dab of soap on the top of a toothpick. The colors explode automatically. It is the perfect activity for a boring day. And like I said, I love to play with it too. That is the best thing about being a mom. Playing. So glad I get to play. I just can't wait until summer so I have the time. It's been a hard year back at work. I know, I know. It's only part time. But I love being home. And I can't wait til I get to be there all the time this summer...except of course when I am at the POOL!!!!!!!!!!

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Greg & Andrea said...

So I think after all this time all your creativeness has finally started to rub off on me....a little. The other day Eva didn't want to eat her Gogurt after she said she wanted one and I had already opened it. So I poured it into a small bowl and added red food coloring to the blue yogurt. She thought it was so cool and at it all. So thanks so you all the cool stuff you do with food coloring I got Eva to eat her food!