Saturday, May 8, 2010

Identity Crisis

My blog is having an identity crisis. It's stupid, I know, but I hate every title I come up with. I want something cool and not sappy. I don't know. I even thought about shutting the whole thing down because I have been analyzing it so much. No one cares what I call it but me. I want something about perserving, looking on the bright side, finding inner superheros, jedi training academy, art, family, having fun with kids, standing against the storm, gratitude...

I guess it will just be nameless for awhile until I figure it out...or, whatever.

1 comment:

Greg & Andrea said...

Aunt Rachel you're so funny. I like how at the end you're just like...whatever. And I love you blog. and I think any title will be good. Mine isn't anything great. I mean it doesn't take much to think up the name Greg's girls. haha but now you got me thinking that I should come up with a more creative name for my blog too. Maybe I'll start thinking of something new....or, whatever. lol