Thursday, May 13, 2010


I saw this documentary on the History Channel for the first time 5 years ago. It's a 13 part mini-series. Excellent. I have watched the entire series twice since then. I just finished it again.

I feel sad because I feel like at one time, we really, as a people and a nation, really understood. We understood what it meant to be an American. Not in a prideful way, but in a responsible way. As in being responsible,and helpful to the rest of the world. Being a light to the world. A beacon of hope, Freedom, and Possibility. Freedom, in the real sense. Freedom to make a life for ourselves and for our families. Having what you work for manifest itself. Having your life mean something. Whatever you want it to mean. I know it's complicated. So many legalities, and personal "rights". But I feel like somewhere along the line in our search, as a nation, for equality, we have lost it all. It makes me sad. It makes me sad to see a NATION full of takers. Takers, takers, takers. Entitlement. Demanding. Penalties for working hard and putting to good use the fundamentals of Capitalism, and then being punished for it because you were able to get ahead by being resourceful and making free market principals work for you.

I am not wealthy. And my family and I struggle to make ends meet. But that does not mean that I do not believe in Capitalism. I do believe in it. I have chosen my income level by the life I lead. I accept it. In America, still, for the time being, we choose our lifestyle. We choose where we live. We choose the type of work we do. We choose the income we make. We choose the level of education we acquire. We are all self made in this country. With the freedom to rise above any circumstances we are dealt. We were, at one time, a nation that believed in God. And with God, all things are possible. Christianity has changed the world. Along with the United States of America. The first country where, it didn't matter who you were, or in what circumstances you were born into. We are ALL equal in the eyes of God. Every man. The Constitution was written with everyone in mind. Thomas Jefferson was furious that the anti-slave clauses had to be removed during the revision processes. All the founding fathers knew slavery was too big of a problem for them to deal with at the time and they were busy revolutionizing the world. They knew slavery would have to wait. But the slaves from Rhode Island who willingly chose to fight in the war had hope and faith in the rhetoric of this new nation that one day freedom would be for all in this country. And they were right. Culminating in the election of an African American to the highest political position in this nation. It is an amazing thing.

So while we progress in certain areas, like overcoming race as an issue for anything, we are letting other important things slip. Mainly our belief in a nation under God. Can anyone who knows and understands the history of our nation doubt the divine influence in the creation and perseverance of the United States of America? No. You cannot. There is too much evidence if you take the time to learn about it. It is kind of like the power that comes with actually reading the Book of Mormon. If you read it, the book itself has a power. In the language as well as the history in it...and you know it's true. And if you really know the history of what really happened at Trenton with General Washington, and compare it with what happened with Helaman's 2000 stripling warriors...You can't deny the help of a God in Heaven who had set things in motion with men who were willing to pay the price for Freedom on this earth. There is always a price to be paid by mortals for any divine purpose. And it was paid for by blood. Just like the Atonement was paid for the freedom of our souls.

There are just too many miracles. Like when Washington assumed command at Monmouth just like Captain Moroni, and the entire British Army open fired on him as he rode in front of his troops trying to regain leadership after dismissing the cowardly officer in charge, and not a single bullet found it's mark.

Or what Nathaniel Green was able to accomplish at Cowpen, and no one even knows who he was. The most humble, and closest to God of all of Washington's Generals, who received little glory here, did it all for the right reason. Was able to accomplish unbelievable things that no one could accomplish alone.

And then, the War of 1812...when we almost lost America again, right after we had won. It was the earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados that wiped the enemy out then. Sometimes, God steps in sooner to take care of business. War is horrible. And I use to struggle with if it was necessary. But like the Atonement, a price needs to be paid. Don't forget the sacrifice. Pray for Peace. And never ever forget, this is a nation under God. Like it or not. It really has to be, if it is to endure.


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Beautiful post!

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Well said, Rachel! :)

Aerick said...

Des says you are an amazing writer and enjoys how clearly you can convey what you're trying to say.