Monday, May 24, 2010

Play-dough 101

3 Reasons why I love Homemade Play-dough:1. I love to play with it when it is still warm.
2. The colors turn out so pretty and can be completely custom.
3. It's Science.

I would say it's less expensive, but store bought play-dough is not very pricey at all. Still, I love to make it at home for the fun of it.

1 C. Flour

1 C. Water

1/2 C. Salt

1 t. Vegetable Oil

1/2 t. Cream of Tarter

food coloring, or unsweetened kool-aid for color

Combine all ingredients except for food coloring in sauce pan and cook over medium heat until it holds together. Keep mixing or it will stick to the bottom of the pan. When the mixture is cool enough to touch, knead it on a floured surface, divide it into smaller balls, and add a different shade of food coloring to each ball. Store in an airtight container.

We made up a batch Friday after we ran out of the model magic. Derek and his buddies played with it for about 15 min. Fortunately, Allison and Candice showed up and made it worth my time to make it. They created bunnies and ladybugs, and were excited that they could keep their creations.

They entire time they were telling me how creative and talented I was...Oh how I wish I had a girl....

I'm just grateful I have some sweet neighbors who let me borrow theirs from time to time....

Oh, and by the hands will always most definately look like this for a few days afterwards. But I don't mind. It's the mark of a mom who makes play-dough. And according to Allison and Candice, that is nothing to feel too bad about!

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