Sunday, January 11, 2009

You can't win 'em all

Clint has had a disappointing week..I think most kids have a hard time getting over the post-Christmas let down, and going back to school, and everything else that comes with it. Clint is playing Jr. Jazz right now, and sports are really not his thing. He is a very good swimmer, and academically, and musically, he is brilliant. But he wanted to try Basketball again, with his friend. When he finally got the ball, he headed down the wrong way and nearly made a basket for the other team. I know. Poor little guy. He was so embarrassed. And if that wasn't enough, he didn't win at the district level for his film entry. That was a big disappointment too.
Life is full of disappointments and embarrasing moments. And we all learn about them the hard way early on. I wish I could take those moments for him, or make them better somehow. But all we parents can do is sit there and watch, and try to make them better afterwards. I am grateful for my little family, and that no matter what happens out there, we have a safe place where right here, together, at home, and everything is okay. Our new family theme song is Hannah Montana's "It's All Right Here!" It's the first song on my playlist here. Thanks Hannah!


Shelli said...

Poor Clint, I remember when Michelle tried basketball for a while, it was difficult for her too... But like you said, those dissapointments teach us things. Life is full of lessons, and it is wonderful that we have families, to love and support us. Your boys are blessed and will turn out great because of the wonderful mom they have, and Jeff isn't too bad either:).

Greg & Andrea said...

Poor Clint, i feel bad for him just reading that. I never was good at sports either. I remember my Dad wanting me to do "something" but I just never wanted to do any of the sports. Luckily i found my talent in singing and piano. Which is sounds like music is where Clint is comfortable too. And that's Great. I love music.