Monday, January 12, 2009


Did you know that the sense of smell is one of the last senses to develop in infants?I did learn a few things at BYU. My superpower is my sense of smell. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so strong. Derek has a very sensitive nose as well...and he didn't like many of these spices. In fact, I think cinnamon is the only one he didn't actually didn't find repulsive.

In spite of his over-sensitive gag reflex, we did discuss some of these various spices and learned a few vocabulary words while we were at it. Words like "sweet", "smokey", "warm", "spicy", "strong", "disgusting", "repugnant", "revolting". He did like the "Christmasy" peppermint extract. Is "Christmasy" a word?


Greg & Andrea said...

I hear ya on the sensitivity to smell! although mine is only bad right now cause of being preggo. i would hate to be that sensitive to smell all the time. There are a lot of bad smells out there.

Ginni said...

Derek looks kinda like Clint here, it is the smile I'm thinking.

Janet said...

There are a couple smells I don't find too wonderful either, but then again I do like some. Derek is so cute!