Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remember Gak?

Remember the first time we made GAK? (Click Here). Well, it is much more stretchy if you use Tacky Glue instead of Elmers. Of course, with Elmer's glue, it is cheaper, and it still works great, but Derek wanted to make more, and I was out of Elmer' Tacky glue it Was...and it was more like SLIME than GAK!!!! And slightly more sticky, and more runny...or maybe it was more runny because I knocked my Diet Coke over and it got all mixed up with the GAK...I guess we will have to try the experiment without the Diet Coke and see what happens! Doesn't the green look like someone threw up? We were going for a Chartreuse color...not quite?


Chelsea Stebar said...

Ew....that looks so gross.

Ginni said...
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Ginni said...

Reminds me of the slime they used to pour on people on that Nickelodeon show a long time ago. Can't remember what the show was but they used to sell it in the stores for a while. It was pretty gross.