Friday, January 9, 2009


Most of Derek's friends are older than him. But his second cousin, Nathan, is a year and a half younger. When Nathan comes over to play, Derek loves taking care of him and trying to teach him things, and getting to be the big kid. Derek taught Nathan to make martians with his Martian Matter. They also played follow the leader around the house with Derek being the leader, and without knowing they were playing. And Derek shared all of his toys, which is harder for him to do with friends that are his own age or older. Sometimes it's fun to be the big kid!


Chelsea Stebar said...

A Martian maker? That sounds amazing!

Shelli said...

I am so thankful you live near by... I know that Nathan loves to come over Aunt Rachel's just like my girls did. Thank you for your love and support to Amber and Nathan. They love you and so do I.

Greg & Andrea said...

How cute. That was so sweet of you to take Nathan so Amber could get a little break. What to come get Eva? ha ha. It's only a 2 1/2 hour drive. No big deal:)