Friday, April 2, 2010

April Snowstorm (A month and a half late)

The night before April first, Mother Nature decided to play the ultimate trick. A massive snow storm. And after an entire winter of dry and useless powder, we finally got some sticky, good packing snow. The problem was, my kids were already in bed for the night. It was 10:00 PM.If I waited til morning, the snow would probably be all dried out again. What to do, what to do. I weighed the pros and cons quickly in my head. Peace and quite night, or finally being able to build a snowman this year. Probably our last chance. Did I want to miss the photo opportunities? Would I look back on this night and think, "I wish we would have woken up and played in the snow..."My impractical side won. Sometimes it's for the best. Other times, not so much. But this time in particular, I'm glad it did.We blasted the Wright's house with snowballs, hoping someone over there would be brave enough to come out and join us. Delaney was, as she usually is. We built our snowman. I didn't have any of the usual snowman stuff on hand. But I found some things to make it work. A baby carrot nose, 2 blue marble eyes, and pennies for a smile.Jeff and Clint think they're funny...I try not to tell them if they are or not...The next morning we tried to go sledding, which was another thing we have not been able to do all year. The day started out nice enough, but by the time we got to the hill, we had a storm starting.We tried to play anyways, but it was pretty miserable.
Cold, windy, wet...
Even Rex had had enough after a few mineuts and was just hanging out by the car waiting for us to finish up so he could get back inside.

We did stop at 7-eleven on the way home for donuts and hot chocolate. The best part of the day...but the snowman last night was fun. Definately worth the effort of a very late night.

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Greg & Andrea said...

you are so fun. See I would have been so depressed at the sight of snow when it's suppose to be spring. But for took this as a blessing and a chance to have one more fun, family, winter memory before summer. Good for you for playing with your kids so late at night and making the most of that last snow.