Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scary Stuff

I saw the original Night of the living Dead when I was in high school. Scary Stuff. Since then, on the monster scale...Zombie's are at the top of the list. Right after demons that possess people...they are number 1. I still have never seen The Exorcist. Never will.

Then I watched Shaun of the Dead with Jeff a few years ago, (I totally recommend this movie if you havn't seen it) and my perceptions of Zombies became a little more humorous.

First of all, because they move really slow. As long as you are not overpowered by too many, they are pretty wussy. In fact, according the the Zombie Survival Guide, all you need to do to survive the Zombie Apocalypse is go to a second story house and knock out the stairs. They can't climb. They will just wander around on the first floor looking for stairs. They can't problem solve...they aren't going to stack up furniture or go and find a ladder. You just have to wait them out. (Unless you run into those Zombie Jumping Doberman Pinchers in Resident Evil, you should be just fine...)


Tom & Michelle said...

Ok so I was totally going to get that book but I really love Pride and Prejudice and I didn't want it distorted by Zombies. But if you say its good then I will have to read it. LOL And as for Zombies they are Toms most favorite thing ever! So I think that the Zombie survival guide would be a good Christmas gift for him :)

Rachel B said...

I know Michelle. It almost a little blasphemous. But it is just so quirky and funny. I have to keep it seperate from the real pride and prejudice like they are 2 entirely diffrent stories...and I do. But yes, I think Tom will LOVE the Survival Guide! It is hilarious!!! And I was just caught up in the halloween spirit when I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Have you seen Shaun of the Dead?

Tom & Michelle said...

We have only caught parts of it when it is on T.V. never the whole thing, I'm sure Tom would love it. We just saw Zombieland and it was so funny a little crude but funny. :)

Greg & Andrea said...

Greg and I love Shaun of the dead! Such a funny movie. Yeah if we are ever attacked by Zombies I'll met you at the Windchester!