Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was talking to my sister yesterday, wondering if I should really keep posting my thoughts and opinions of my blog and facebook. I don't know if there is any point.

I told my sis that maybe it is not appropriate to share personal things that anyone can read. Too many people I really respect have very little to do with on-line story telling and debate. And I get into debates over political and religious things all the time. On line and off. And I can't change any ones mind.

Wendy said that she believes we have a responsibility to put good out into the online world. There is too much bad, but everyone needs to use the Internet. We need to contribute to making it balanced however we can. Good things that we care about need to be sent out into the cyber universe to try to level the playing field. I think she's right. We can't let it be over run with evil. Or else it will not be a safe place for anyone. We need to contribute to the online world as much as we contribute to our real world. We need to try to fill it with some good.

I have friends who are against the church. There is a forum for people to bash the General Authorities after conference. Pres. Holland has received some of the harshest criticism for his talk last week. The interesting thing is that their criticism is not having the effects that they had planned. In fact, it is pretty much the opposite. It was Brigham Young who said any time you kick Mormonism, you kick it upstairs...I would have to agree.

The bishop told me about this talk Dallin H. Oaks gave at BYU Idaho yesterday. We all need to read it. We are going to need it soon.

Dallin H. Oaks is one smart guy. This talk is almost over my head. His crediential are amazing. Law Professor, Utah Supreme Court Justice, General Authority. There are a lot of intelligent people in this church. In fact, the church is based on literacy and education. And I am very thankful for that.

Read Dallin H. Oaks talk Here

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Keli said...

I think you do an amazing job of putting the good out there. You have been given the ability to express very strong opinions; there are many that cannot do that! When it comes to blogs, they are personal journals and you shouldn't be worried about what anyone else thinks. If you feel strongly about motherhood, write it. You will have people telling you it is a worthless job. If you feel strongly about the Gospel, write it. There will always be those who oppose you. Write about your life. It is who you are. And no one can change that. Embrace it.

Tom & Michelle said...

There is too much bad out there in the world for us to feel discourages and give up on doing our part. We are the good ones and by you sharing your thoughts and beliefs on your blog and Facebook it is a comfort to those of us who need a uplift from all the wickedness that is out there. Embrace who you are and yell it from the mountain tops!

Greg & Andrea said...

I think that is the great thing about these blogs. You can keep a record of your life and feelings in a way we never could just on paper. I think it is wonderful to hear your thoughts and beliefs. We all need to hear about the good in the world. I love your blog and would hate it if you stopped posting. Plus how would I get such cool craft and project ideas?

Laura said...

I love reading what you write Rachel!!! Dont stop!

Shannon said...

I cried reading your past posts. Please continue the world needs to hear your good. You are a wonderful mother. Those boys will always be yours, you are creating a bond with them that won't be broken.