Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin and Me

I have never been a big fan of guns. I still am not sure how I feel. In fact when I first married Jeff, I made him sell his guns before I married him, Even though I grew up with guns in the house.Over the last few years, Jeff has worn me down with his opinions about the importance of having your own guns, for all kinds of reasons. It started out with paint ball guns, and has progressed from there.I appreciate how careful he is and all of the safety precautions that he has taken to keep them locked up, and to teach Clint all about gun safety, and how to shoot properly. All the things that his father taught him.
Clint has become I really good shot. And as the only girl in the family, I feel like I have to make some decisions about whether I want to be excluded from all of the guy stuff that goes on in our house or not. I draw the line at shooting birds, or other living things. And I do not allow Jeff or Clint to shoot at any living thing. But as food prices skyrocket, and the economy plummets, am I doing my family a real diservice by not teaching my sons some wilderness and survival skills? Isn't it better to be prepared and learn some of these lessons in case we ever need to know how to hunt for ourselves? Jeff knows how, and I am grateful that he could provide for us if he needed to.
I think it would be wrong not to teach Clint and Derek the same skills, and I need to learn them myself too.
I also have been thinking about my Dad and Grandfather, and how they would go hunting every year. My Dad rarley brought anything home. I think he preferred not to shoot anything. Animals in the wild are so beautiful. But it was more of a time for them to be together. My Grandfather was really quiet. He rarely said anything, and my Dad was kind of the same way. (Kind of like Jeff). But I think that when they were hunting together, it was an amazing time for them, and they didn't have to talk to stay close. It's just something guys do, that I appreciate. I may not understand it, but I will be supportive. And target practice is really fun. Are you impressed, Dave?


Laura said...

Rachel you look totally hot in that picture! And I think you need at least one gun to protect your food storage supply. I'm trying to get a tri-pod for our roof!

Rachel B said...

You're funny Laura! I colud totally see you up on your roof in cami's manning some typ of machine gun if it ever comes to that!

Shelli said...

I love you so much Rachel, you are so cute, that picture of you with that huge gun is great!!! Dave keeps telling me he is going to take me to target practice so I can feel comfortable with his guns. I haven't yet but now you have inspired me. Great entry.

Dave said...

I'm impressed. Move over Annie Oakley, here comes Machine gun momma,Rachel!

Greg & Andrea said...

Who's that Hot Momma with the gun? You guys all look so cool shooting your guns. I have to say that I am totally for owning guns. Of course with Greg being in the army and a hunter I kinda have to be ok with it. They used to make me a little nerves but with Greg gone so much I'm so glad I know how to use one and that I have it in my room just in case. It really helps me sleep at night. So I think it's great that Derek and Clint are learning how to be safe and shoot properly.