Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A few weeks ago, my friends and I had to drag our husbands to the Circus with the kids. None of them were very happy about having to go. But being the good sports that they are, and having each other to complain to the whole time, I think the enjoyed it, in spite of themselves... And then while watching Conference, Jeff was very touched when Our Prophet said this:

"I love the following example, taken from an article entitled “A Day at the Beach” by Arthur Gordon. Said he:
“When I was around thirteen and my brother ten, Father had promised to take us to the circus. But at lunchtime there was a phone call; some urgent business required his attention downtown. We braced ourselves for disappointment. Then we heard him say, ‘No, I won’t be down. It’ll have to wait.’
“When he came back to the table, Mother smiled [and said,] ‘The circus keeps coming back, you know.’
“ ‘I know,’ said Father. ‘But childhood doesn’t.’ ” 5
My brothers and sisters, time with your children is fleeting. Do not put off being with them now. Someone put it another way: Live only for tomorrow, and you will have a lot of empty yesterdays today."

While I was looking for the exact quote on, I discovered that Thomas S. Monson had used this story in at least 3 other talks. He must think it is pretty important.
Jeff was glad he went.


Dave said...

That is so true, as mush as I tried to do things and be there for my own children I know that there were many times when I could have been a better father to them. Time really does fly by so make the best of it when you can because before you know it they will all be grown and gone.

Rachel B said...

Dave, You did lots of fun things with your girls growing up! But they still do all grow up! Too fast! At least now you still have Nathan and Eva!

Dave said...

Mush, it should read much (I was eating at the time I was writing this). I hate it when I'm writing and miss spell. Oh well.

Dave said...

There, I did it again, it should be mis-spell.
I'll stop now.

Lisa said...

I just have to defend (or expose) Matt...he did want to go to the Circus. I didn't drag him at all. Now when it comes to Disney on Ice...yeah...he's not coming. I can't convince him. So I'll be pregnant and huge and waddling through the ESA with Kooy on a leash. Wish me luck!

Amber said...

That is really sweet. Your boys will have so many good memories that they have shared with both you and Jeff.

Greg & Andrea said...

That was so cute. Jeff really is a good Dad and I bet that made him feel good to do something fun like that with the boys, something that will be a great memory for them.