Friday, October 3, 2008


I think I have ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder. Without the H in ADHD, (Hyperactivity Part). I think a little Hyperactivity could benefit me quite a bit.

I really do think that a person's house and car are a reflection of what they have going on in their minds. I think people who have nice clean houses are really organized in their thoughts and have their acts together in a lot of ways. I think they are really emotionally healthy. They seem to look good all the time too. I have a lot of friends and family members who are that way.

I, on the other hand, am messy. Not only my house, but my thoughts.
I have too much in my house right now. My house is small, anyways, but my space is over run with PTA, Cub Scouts, Primary, Jeff's mom's books, taking care of my family, Music lessons, the kids in the neighborhood, science projects, art projects, fundraisers, and Rex. I think my mind is over run too, with all of the same things.

So how come other mom's can keep it together? How do other mom's work a full time job, take good care of their kids, have clean houses, remain cheerful even though their husbands travel, and keep every other aspect of their lives together?

I think it's me. I must have ADD.


Greg & Andrea said...

I think that being really organized is just a talent that some people have. You may feel unorganized but to pull off all the things that you are involved in and still be a great mom who spends so much time doing fun projects with your kids you must be doing something right. I may have a very clean house and always try to look my best but on the other hand I only have one child and my husband is gone all the time so what else do i have to do? Believe me Aunt Rachel you are a great mom and wife, I look up to you.

Shelli said...

I think all the "stuff" you have in your house shows what an interesting and multi-talentd person you are. My house is clean and neat but not so interesting and entertaining. Maybe it does speak about our personalities too, mine isn't too fun, but its calming and warm, yours is fun, interesting, creative and also warm and welcoming. I love you and admire you, don't be so hard on yourself.