Monday, October 20, 2008

Cornbellys 2008

We tried a new place this Fall. Mostly because someone gave us free tickets! (Thanks, Josh!)We had a really great time.
This is "The Creature". You walk through it, and it is like the inside of a living thing. It is really dark, and you walk into it's mouth, and around it's heart, and stomach, and then out the intestines. Derek decided not to go in at the last minuet, and Clint was absolutely terrified the entire time we were in there. I think he was expecting someone to jump out at him or something. I thought it was fun. If you look closely, you can see Derek jumping off the top of the train...I've had to adjust a lot of my fears with the boys having Jeff for a Dad.

Cool Pedal Cars. Cow Boy Stuff...

The corn maze is shaped like David Archeluta...and they were blasting all of his songs through the corn maze. REALLY Corny! Jeff and Clint kept throwing ears of corn at me and other people. It is a good thing they didn't get caught.

The corn room was one of our favorite parts. Jeff is a big kid.

Pumpkin Cannons. That's shoot little pumpkins out.

Cow train. Almost as good as Uncle Nelson's.

Hay Playground. While Clint and Derek played on this, Jeff and I played Tether Ball. I was laughing so hard my stomach was hurting so bad. Jeff is so much taller than me, of course I didn't have a chance. I usually just served it once and then watched it swing over my head while I tried to jump to hit it. I really want to get one for our backyard.
Panning for gemstones and arrowheads...

This was really cool. Derek found a lot of arrowheads in his, while Clint found a lot of Turquoise and Quartz.

I guess Fall isn't all that bad.


Shelli said...

How fun, looks like a great place. Looks like a great tradition to start!!

Dave said...

Looks like fun, any cider and donuts? Oh, and next time you go in that monster thing, reassure Clint and Derek by going in as "Machine gun Mamma".

Dave said...

That's Momma not Mamma.