Monday, July 25, 2011

Pirate Party 2011

Derek found a map floating in a pirate bottle in the kiddie pool this morning! It's a good thing there were some other pirates around!

Pirates ready for adventure!

The map got wet. But it wasn't really a map. It just had the first piece of a map with a letter telling us that the writer of a map was beginning to be turned into a zombie. He had the treasure, and would share, but needed to be saved first. We needed to not only find the place where the treasure was burried, but also find a cure for the zombie!

Pirates are ready!!!!

One by one they found the clues in the surrounding yards

Inside a swing set,

Under a Trampoline, In an apple tree, in a neighbors freezer...

And in a shed. Each piece of the map had a clue on the back that led to the next piece of map.

Finally all of the map pieces were put back together, and they could see where the treasure was. And the last clue said something about rootbeer being the cure for the zombies...we found a pack of rootbeer in the neighbors fridge!

Zombies were gaurding the treasure and had water guns! But the rootbeer worked!!!!

And then the zombies even helped us dig up the treasure!

There were gold coins, candy, rings, beads, and lots of other treasures that all the pirates shared.

But don't try to take anything away from THESE pirates!!!

**This activity was a great idea for my 13 yr. old and his friends who helped to bury the treasure, and then guard it for all the little kids in the neighborhood. They really liked participating and helping this way.

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